PG Perma Glass

PG Perma Glass is a renowned car care chemicals brand which originated from USA since 1980’s which is now being manufactured in Malaysia and is now widely available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Our range of products has grown over the years; PG Pro has been developed specifically targeted for professional detailing. Our brand is also actively being promoted locally throughout the years with affiliation to several motorsports events such as Grass Racing Autosports and Saturday Night Fever. PG Perma Glass’s car care chemicals mainly the polymer sealant, nano sealant and wonder clays are constantly being exported to countries such as USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Australia and etc.


QPlus has positioned itself as a penetrating oil lubricants brand which is affordable and reliable for hobbyist, home users and industrial use. With the ever growing awareness of the needs in the industry and eagerness to accommodate these needs, QPlus is continuously expanding with in-house R&D, the use of sophisticated machinery and skilled forward thinking personnel. QPlus is committed to develop newer, better products, to match the needs of the ever changing market. Our brand is presently well known for its hobbyist products specially for anti-rust and maintenance which caters to cycling, go-kart, motorcycle / super bike and fishing enthusiasts.


Tupps car care chemicals range are targeted solely for Hypermarkets and DIY chain stores which are competitively priced to give our end users quality car care chemicals with an affordable price tag.


FNGL Rubber

FNGL Rubber Sdn Bhd, formed in 2022 through the merger of Goodlife Elastomer (M) Sdn Bhd and Fei Nam Rubber Trading, is a Malaysia-based manufacturer specializing in rubber compounds and molded products. We've established a strong reputation for providing customized rubber molded products and specialized items like rubber plucking fingers, rubber picking fingers, and chicken plucker fingers for the poultry industry.


Aromate brand name represents innovative car air fresheners and domestic fragrance products produced in Taiwan by leading air freshener manufacturer, Aromate Industries Co. Ltd. Our company Goodlife (M) Sdn Bhd has been accredited as the distributor for these fragrances. Currently, Aromate’s products are being widely sold in major hypermarkets and car accessories shops.